To Take This Online Course

To truly understand how a blog works and experience it, you must use one.  This course is a blog.  This particular post is being written last.   All blogs are listed from last to first so the most current is always on top.  To get “the feel” of that and to begin the course, go to the last post below and work up.


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Starting a Blog

Choose one of the following Blog sites:

Use the step by step directions to set up your own blog, choose a theme, and add your first post and any pages or links. In the comment section below, please add the url to your new blog so that I can view it and give you credit for this course.


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Browse Established Blogs

Go to the page “Sample Classroom Blogs for Viewing.” Browse through the various pages for classrooms in Northside ISD  and the CIT and personal blogs listed at the bottom of the page.  Find one that you particularly like and you feel is very good for students.  In the comment section, list 3 positives about this blog.

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Steps to Prepare students for Blogging

Again using the same article, list the 2 steps for preparing students for blogging that you consider the most important and why.

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Risks in Blogging

Using the same article in the link, describe what the risks are in blogging.  How can you circumvent those risks?

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Blog Basics

Read the attached link on Blog Basics from “Teaching Today.”  Describe why you would like to use a blog as a part of your curriculum.  In what subject would you use it and why?

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